Pornography: The Third Wheel

Photo Cred: Pornography: The Third Wheel Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are peppered with “the happy couple”. Captions filled with heart-eyed emojis and I-love-yous are paired with pictures of couples kissing, embracing, and holding hands. Smiles are pasted on and facades are created to portray the ideal relationship. But what Instagram doesn’t show is the “third-wheel” that constantly accompanies this “happy couple” on their long walks on the beach, exquisite dinners, and romantic date nights. This third-wheel is Pornography. Oxford living dictionary defines pornography as “printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement” (Oxford Dictionaries). Culture today teaches that pornography is a normal and an acceptable part of growing up. In fact, viewing pornography is culturally understood to help in the sexual development of emerging teens and young adults. Pornography is glorified …

Exploring the Four Gospels

Photo Cred: I am an English Major. I enjoy reading and have had many favorite authors throughout my time as a reader. While my taste has varied throughout the years from Barbara Park to K. L. Fogg to Jane Austen, it is always interesting to find specific authors that one enjoys to read. Knowing an author’s style and background help us better connect with the characters and plots of each of their books. Likewise, it is important to understand the authors of each book of Scripture. We can see that Isaiah wrote very differently from Alma. However, understanding each author’s background and context allow new insight to flow into our lives as we study their inspired words. This is particularly true of the New Testament authors of the four gospels. While they cover the same amount of time and the life of the same person, each of their backgrounds and styles allow us to understand new things about our Savior Jesus Christ. I would like to explore the differences between the…